Buy and rent your vacation triplex solarium


Our dear partners,

                                We believe that the most important in this moment is to say you why we are investing in this project believing that we can carry to you a better quality of life. If we obtain this challenging only for the vacancy period of your family and friends, it already is our award. If we pass to see you earning some money for the other period of the year and obtaining to turn free the annual vacancies of yours, it will not be only an awards but the maximum gratification for us. We also will help you because you can. The discovered fact and the base of all efforts was the large facility that this undertaking has to

make you, as our buyers, after fulfill their purchasing, obtain for them and their families one better life quality and concomitantly still earn money with their new better life.

                                YOU WILL DO, I BELIEVE.

                                We are not selling a pay-per-use undertaking with an acceptable price. Right now, we really are starting a purchasing and sale operations under the supervision of the Brazilian Embassy located in Buyer country and the Buyer Country embassy located in Brazil. Previously, both embassies will be consulted determining the Embassy Sector will make that operation supervision opting since now, the Commercial Consulate of the two Embassies.


                                You can live there or use or rent for thirds or sell receiving back your money back with an excellent profit or make a pay-per-use if you want because there, all months of the years, all years will be a vacancy ideal month and only you and your family will decide.

                                YOU ARE NOT ONE BUYER, YOU ARE AN INTELIGENT INVESTOR!

                                This undertaking only has three triplex solarium flats created from a architectonical project destined to families in vacancy without low temperatures. There, all days of the year is a comfortable summer. Never have cold or snow and the vacancies can be made all months of the year, because the Aracaju city has minimum historic temperature variation during all the years as you can see in the climatic sheet elaborated by techniques for Aracaju City resuming its reality as below:



                                Observe that the linearity of the temperatures maximums and minimums maintain the historic minimum temperature of the year is 21º Celsius and the maximum 29º Celsius.

                               Aracaju has up 600.000 habitants, is located at the latitude 10º 54´36” S and the longitude 37° 04´12” W and between the South Atlantic Ocean and the mouths of four great and navigator rivers named Sal, Cotinguiba, Sergipe and Vaza-barris. Capital of the State of Sergipe, Aracaju has the lowest poverty index of the Brazilian Northeast State capitals, has a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita of 6.500 dollars, show the lowest Brazilian smoker index and the best index of human healthy habit life of the country.


                                Aracaju also is the capital of the smaller Brazilian State, at the South Atlantic, and hold the historic title of calm and pacific city and our undertaking is located in an expansion zone, a new area occupied with residences, near the Santa Maria International Airport.


                                In Aracaju there are two seasons only: the sun day or the rain day all years, distributed during the months of the years and maintaining the temperature with the maximums and minimums values of the sheet above, independently. Below you can organize the rain equalization as it was better for you with a historic rain sheet in mm.


                                With a distance of 200 kilometers you go out of the Sergipe state because it is a small state of Brazil and thus, you can ride for a several local constant attractions as the Sao Francisco Canyon, PreCaju local carnival party, Carnival, Forrocaju popular festivity, Sao joao festivity and a thousand others to choose.

                                Ok, ok but I will stop to talk about the extremely pacific and civilized people of this region, about the cities, etc and I will talk about the undertaking. Come to see the project as below:

                                – THE TCB AIRPORT TRIPLEX SOLARIUM -

                                As you can see there are three flats, under the first floor all triplexes have a Garage for one car, one Living-Room, an American Kitchen, one services area with a lavabo and one Water Closet.


                                Under the second floor you can see two suites. The first and the principal Suite is composed of a Bedroom, a closet and a double accessories restroom and the other Suite is composed of Bedroom and Restroom.


                                Upstairs you can go up to the Solarium. On the Solarium you will find a Jacuzzi for two persons, one wood oven for pizza and other foods, firewood barbecue stove, a little kitchen and rest area under the sun. Each triplex are totally independent one another.

                                The better question of the undertaking is the price. The sheet below explains as you can choose your triplex inclusive with the price for each one where important part of the payment is totally negotiable, obeying your payment condition.


For better information or sale contraction please contact directly the constructor architect in the Aracaju Office, Brazil, using the telephone number Telephone: +55 79 3303 9009 (Fax) | Mob: +55 79 9 8880 8888 | Others: +55 79 9 8810 0000 or the email addresses

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